Indices is to be considered for any real number a and positive integer m, we define –

 (a X a X a X a X a …………………. to m factors) = aᵐ

Here, ‘a’ is the ‘base’ and ‘m’ is the index or exponent.

The plural of index is indices.

Also, we define :  i)    a⁰ = 1


                    ii)    aˉⁿ  =  -------


                    iii)   aᵐ X  aⁿ =  aᵐ⁺ⁿ

                    iv)   aᵐ ÷  aⁿ =  aᵐˉⁿ

                    v)    (aᵐ)ⁿ =  aᵐⁿ