Powers of a Literals –

Product of a literal multiplied by itself is called a power of a literal, for example - a X a X a X a = a⁴ , here the literal ‘a’ is called the base of the power and the number of times it is multiplied is called the index or exponent of the power.

For your better understanding, we are giving some examples.-

Example.1)  In x⁵, ‘x’ is the base, and 5 is the index of the power.

Example.2)  In y⁴, ‘y’ is base, and 4 is the index of the power

Example.3)  In  a X a X a X a X a X a = a⁶, here base = ‘a’ and index of power = 6


A combination of constants and variables connected only by the operations of multiplication and division is called a term. Some examples are 5x, -7d², 9ab, 51xy, 1/9y², -4b⁴, and - 8/11 y⁵z


Algebraic Expression

A collection of numbers and variables connected by operations is called an algebraic expression or simply an expression. Parts of an expression connected by positive ‘+’ and negative ‘-‘ sign is included in the term. There are some example are given below for your better understanding –

Example.1)  5a – 8c + 4d has there three terms such as 5a, – 8c, and 4d

Example.2)  4/9ab + 5/11 cd – 8 ad – 2/5 bc has there four terms 4/9ab, 5/11 cd, – 8 ad, and – 2/5 bc.  

If any algebraic expression has one term, it will be called as monomial and if it has more than one term then it will be called as multinomial. Multinomial with two and three terms will be called binomials and trinomials respectively.