Lines –

As we all are aware of geometrical objects such as points, straight lines, rays, line segments, angles, and parallel lines. In this part, we will learn again –

Point -   A point has a position but it has no length, width or thickness. It is represented by a dot on a sheet of paper.                                      .


Line  –

straight line or a line is formed by a collection of points. Its basic quality is straightness. A line has position and shape, but not breadth or thickness. A line has no endpoints and can be extended indefinitely in both directions, so it does not have a definite length.

Ray –

A ray is a part of a straight line. It extends indefinitely in one direction from the fixed point. Thus, a ray has one endpoint and it does not have a definite length.

Line Segment –

A line segment is a part of a straight line between two points. It has two endpoints and a finite length