Polygon will be considered when a closed plane shape bounded by three or more line segments. Usually, polygons have names based on their number of sides, as shown in the table. Otherwise, a polygon with ‘n’ sides will be considered as n – gon. For example, a polygon that has 15 sides which is to be considered as 15-gon.

There are some example given below based on the number of sides – 

           Number Of Sides                       Names

                   3                                  Triangle

                   4                                Quadrilateral

                   5                                  Pentagon

                   6                                  Hexagon

                   7                                  Heptagon

                   8                                  Octagon

                   9                                  Nonagon

                  10                                  Decagon

When all the sides of a polygon are equal in length and all its angles are equal in magnitude, it is called a regular polygon. An equilateral triangle and a square are regular polygons.