Factors & Coefficient–

The constants and variables that are multiplied together to form a term are called factors of the term. Each factor is a coefficient of the product of the remaining factors of the term. In particular, the number or constant which appears in a term is called the numerical coefficient of the term. There are some example are given below for your better understanding –

Example.1)  consider the term 8x²y⁴z⁵

          8 is the numerical coefficient of x²y⁴z⁵

          8x² is the coefficient of  y⁴z⁵

          8 y⁴ is the coefficient of  x² z⁵

          8 z⁵ is the coefficient of  x²y⁴

          8 x²y⁴ is the coefficient of z⁵

          8 x²z⁵ is the coefficient of y⁴

          8 y⁴z⁵ is the coefficient of x²