Speed is something that defines the velocity of any object or within some certain time period how many distance the object has crossed or reached that is called off its speed. On the other way if any object how many distance it is covering within a stipulated time period that is called the SPEED.

Here we have assumed that the object covers equal distance in equal intervals of time. In such a situation, we would like to comment that the object has a uniform speed.

                                   Total Distance Covered

In general, Speed =  ------------------------------------

                           Total time taken to cover the distance


In short, Speed =  ----------------



Therefore,  Distance =  Speed  X  Time


       Or,              Time  =  ----------------



Units of Speed –

  Distance       Time         Unit of Speed        Symbol

  Kilometers       Hours        Kilometer per Hour       Km / H

    Meters        Minutes       Meters per Minute       m / Min

    Meters        Second        Meters per second        m / s

 Centimeters      Second      Centimeter per Second     cm / s




      Relation between Distance –

     1 Kilometer (Km) = 1000 meters

     1 Meter (m) =  100  CentiMeter (cm)

     1 Meter (m) =  1000  MilliMeter (mm)

     1 Meter (m) =  10  DeciMeter (cm)


   Relation between Time –

   1 Hour = 60 Minutes

   1 Hour = 3600 Second

   1 Minute = 60 Seconds