Power of Literal

A literal multiplied by itself repeatedly is called the power of the Literal. The Literal is called the base and the number of times it is multiplied is called the index.

If ‘a’ is multiplied by ‘a’ itself by 4 times then the expression must be = a X a X a X a = a⁴,

Where ‘a’ is the base and the number of times it is multiplied is called Index and here 4 is the Index.

Algebraic Expression –

A combination of numbers and variables resulting from one or more of the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division is called an Algebraic expression. Parts of an algebraic expression connected by positive or negative signs are called terms of the expression. If a part has a negative sign before it, the negative sign is included in the term.

a) the expression 5a has one term 5a

b) the expression 3a – 8 has two term 3a & 8

c) the  expression  5a - 7ab + 2 has three term 5a, 7ab & 2

d) the expression  4a – 3a/b + 5c – z/8 has four terms 4a, 3a/b, 5c, &  z/8

algebraic expressions are classified on the basics of the number of terms they have. Expressions that have one, two, three, & four terms are called monomials, binomials, trinomials, & quadrimum respectively.