Ratio exists between the same type of two quantities, it’s not a matter of comparison or compare to each other.

Ratio exists between two quantities of the same type and in same units. Suppose we are going to find out the ratio of Kilogram and Gram, then we have to either convert from kilogram to gram or Gram to Kilogram.

The ratio is a fraction, it does not have any units.

A ration does not change if both of its terms are multiplied or divided by the same non zero number.

If the terms of a ratio are fractions, we multiply each term by the L.C.M of their denominators.

The ratio of two quantities x & y of the same type and in the same units is the fraction x / y, to be expressed or written as x : y and to be read as x is to y.

In the ratio x : y , we say that x is the first term or ‘Antecedent’ and y is the second term or ‘Consequent’

A ration x : y, is said to be in the simplest form if H.C.F of x & y is 1.

To reduce a ratio x : y to simplest form, we divide each of its terms by the H.C.F of x & y   


1) Conversion the ratio 35: 45 in the simplest form.

Ans.)    35: 45

Step.1)  Divide both ‘Numerator’ & ‘Denominator’ by the same number digit at a time until the undividable number we find.

     Answer is 7/9.   (Ans.)

2) Conversion the ratio 100 : 125 in the simplest form.

Ans.)      100: 125

Step.1)  Divide both ‘Numerator’ & ‘Denominator’ by the same number digit at a time until the undividable number we find.

Answer is  4/5.    (Ans.)

3) Find the ratio of 750 gm and 1 kg 250 gm 

Ans.)  1 kg 250 gm      

    =  1000 gm (1kg = 1000gm) + 250 gm  

    =  1250 gm 

Step.1) If you observe the given unit and their units, then you will find units are not the same, so we have to convert those unit into same Units form, where kg > gm and conversion may take place either Kg to gm or gm to Kg.

Step.2) Divide both ‘Numerator’ & ‘Denominator’ by the same number, digit at a time till undividable number we find.

                                2                 2     

 4) Conversion the ratio 4 ------ : 3 ------  in the simplest form.

                                5           4

Step.1) First convert from mix fraction to normal fraction.

Step.2) find the L.C.M of Denominator of the given fraction. 

L.C.M of 4 & 5 is = 4 x 5 = 20

Step.3) Multiply obtained L.C.M with fraction and we can get the ratio. Simplify the ration till the number we get undivided.

So, the desired answer is 44 : 35       (Ans.)

                              2                 1     

 5) Conversion the ratio ------- : -------  in the simplest form.

                                            25               30

Step.1) First we should find the L.C.M of ‘Denominator’ of the given fraction

L.C.M of 25 & 30 is = 5 x 5 x 6 = 150 

Step.2) Now multiply L.C.M with given fraction and get the ratio

                             2           1   

So, simplest ration of ------- : -------

                            25         30

                                                      =   12 : 5     (Ans.)