When any number is described with their positive ‘+’ & negative ‘-‘ in with pre-fix position, these numbers are called ‘Signed Number’. These ‘Signed Numbers’ also known as ‘Directed Numbers’.

As a example;  -2, -5, -27, -46, +43, +57, +9, +38 etc. are Signed Numbers or Directed Numbers.

Every positive thing there are negative things and for every negative thing there are positive things, it’s all about the thinking process. If you say something positive then the same communication may be described as negative but the inner meaning of the communication may be or may not be changed. 

Example.1) If a person or any object may move 75m towards the south direction from any fixed or center position and it can be described as +75 and if he goes from a fixed position to 75m opposite side that’s mean towards the north side, then it may be described as -75.                                                                                         

Example.2) If you withdraw Rs. 500 from your bank account, that’s mean you have deposited Rs.-500 at Bank.

Example.3) As we know that any place’s height is measured by distance from sea-level. If any places height is 250m high from sea level, then it can be written, height is +250m and if any places height is 450m down from sea level, then it can be written the height of the place is -350m.

Example.4) If we take out 650 ml milk from a pot, then we can say that we have added -650ml milk to that pot.

Example.5) Loss of Rs. 800 is gain of Rs. -800.