Pie charts are visual representations of data, and they don't involve complex formulas like some other types of data analysis. Instead, you need to prepare your data beforehand and then use software or tools to create the pie chart for you. Here are the basic steps involved in creating a pie chart:

  1. Data Collection:- Gather the data you want to represent in the pie chart. This data should be divided into categories or segments, each with its corresponding value. The values should represent parts of a whole, usually adding up to 100% or 360 degrees (for a full circle).

  2. Calculate Percentages or Angles:- If your data is not already in percentage form or angle form (in degrees), you'll need to calculate these values. You can do this by dividing each data value by the total sum of all values and then multiplying by 100 for percentages or by (360 degrees / total sum) for angles.

       Percentage = (Value / Total Sum) * 100

          Angle (degrees) = (Value / Total Sum) * 360

   3. Create the Pie Chart:- Once you have your data prepared, use data visualization tools, software, or programming libraries to create the pie chart for you. Most tools and software have built-in functions or options for generating pie charts based on your data.

Remember that pie charts are a visual representation, and the actual creation doesn't involve complex mathematical formulas like you might find in statistical analysis. The "formulas" involved are simple calculations to determine the size of each slice based on the data you provide.

Other Way Of Understanding -

We know that the total value of the pie is always 100%. It is also known that a circle subtends an angle of 360°. Hence, the total of all the data is equal to 360°. Based on these, there are two main formulas used in pie charts:

· To calculate the percentage of the given data, we use the formula:   

    (Frequency ÷ Total Frequency) × 100

· To convert the data into degrees we use the formula: -

    (Given Data ÷ Total value of Data) × 360°

We can work out the percentage for a given pie chart using the steps given below,

(i)   Categorize the given data and calculate the total

(ii)   Divide the different categories

(iii)  Convert the data into percentages

(iv)  Calculate the degrees