Temperature is a nothing but the coldness and hotness of any living and non-living item or product is usually called off its temperature. The temperature of any object is measured with a thermometer usually, doctors use a clinical thermometer to detect and measure the temperature of the human body.

There are two types of scale which are used mostly to measure the temperature of said object, these are Celsius () and Fahrenheit ().

The temperature on the Celsius scale is read in degree Celsius that is and that on the Fahrenheit scale is read and write as degree Fahrenheit that is mentioned as .

Celsius Scale –

Celsius scale basically used for the detection of the temperature of the human body or any other living object. In the human body normal temperature in Celsius is 37˚C .

On the Celsius scale water freezes on 0˚C and boiled on 100˚C

Fahrenheit Scale –

Fahrenheit scale is another type of temperature measuring scale where human body temperature is measured as 98.6˚F, water freezing temperature is measured is 32˚F, and water boiling temperature is measured at 212˚F.

Relation Between Celsius and Fahrenheit Scale –

The relation between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale is  C/5 = (F – 32)/9, where ‘C’ is Celsius temperature and ‘F’ is Fahrenheit temperature. You can convert Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit temperature and Fahrenheit temperature to Celsius temperature.

Suppose the temperature of any object in Celsius scale is 40˚C, if we convert this temperature into Fahrenheit then ,

     C           F – 32          40            F - 32

 ------- = ---------- ; --------- = ----------- ;  

     5             9              5               9

 8 x 9  =  F – 32   ;    F = 72 + 32  = 104˚ F 

So, from the above relation, we can observe that, where any temperature in Celsius is 40˚C the same temperature if we convert to Fahrenheit temperature then the measurement will be 104˚F.