Measurement is required for getting exact concept about anything, that how much to be considered to take or to calculate, without measurement nothing can calculate mathematically. To understand or calculate the measurement there are different type measurement unit depend on the state of product wherever it is liquid, solid or wherever we are calculating length, distance of place or depth of any liquid things whatever it may be.

For solid things measurement unit should be Gram, Kilogram, Quintal are used most, for liquid material measurement unit should be ‘Liter’ and ‘Gallon’ is used most to express huge volume of liquid, for any distance ‘Meter’, ‘Miles’ & ‘Kilometer’ are mostly used.

The most commonly used prefix is ‘Milli’, ‘Centi’, ‘Deci’, ‘Gram’ are used for the lower side of measurement and ‘Deca’, ‘Hecto’, ‘Kilo’ are used for the higher side of measurement. We put different prefixes to the standard units of metric measures.

As per place value, we can elaborate measurement unit which are given below –

Difference Between Metric Measure –