Introduction of Decimal Number

Decimal number system is a system where we can calculate length, height, width, distance…etc of any object via addition, multiplication, subtraction,and division.

You can observe the whole circle is divided into 10 parts or proportion, From this picture we can say that, each portion is one of ten or one tenth ( 1/10 ) of Whole circle areas.

In the above picture, we have divided the entire rectangle by 20 triangular parts and Out of which 2 only colored. So, these two triangles take the 2/20 area of total rectangular part.

We can say, each part of the rectangular called one tenth and it will be written like


 =   --------


Now we have to understand the process of execution of Decimal. The decimal process is identified or justified by point ‘ . ‘ and the position of point ‘ . ‘ decides the value of the number.

If we wish to add the above fraction like 1/10 with 1/10…… or 1/100 with 1/100….. or 1/10 with 1/100….. , the process will be complicated.