BODMAS RULES -

"BODMAS" rules in mathematics. The correct and widely accepted acronym is either BODMAS or PEMDAS, which stands for:


 B: Brackets (parentheses),

 O: Orders (exponents and roots),

 D: Division,

 M: Multiplication,

 A: Addition,

 S: Subtraction,



 P: Parentheses (brackets),

 E: Exponents,

 M: Multiplication,

 D: Division,

 A: Addition,

 S: Subtraction,

Both BODMAS and PEMDAS represent the same concept, indicating the order of operations in mathematical calculations. They serve as guidelines to ensure consistent and unambiguous evaluation of mathematical expressions.

Brackets -

If some expression is enclosed within a pair of brackets, it means that it has to be simplified even before the other operations.

Types of Brackets -

There are four types of brackets.

They are :-

[ ] Square bracket  or third bracket

{ } Curly bracket  or second bracket

( ) Parentheses or Common bracket  or first bracket

_____ Bar bracket


In order to remember the order of operations, we remember the acronym ‘BODMAS


 B stands for "BracketsO stands for ‘ of

 D stands for "Division"

M stands for Multiplication A stands for Addition

S stands for Subtraction

These rules are followed in simplification of all numerical expressions involving natural numbers, fractions and decimals.