Measurement is nothing but a process of quantifying about any article’s weight, volume, length, height, width, etc. There must be some measurement unit that will help us to understand the said article or product whether it is solid, liquid, or gas.

Suppose, Richard & Arthur is using their crayons to measure the lengths of a math book and notebook. They find the math book is 5 crayons long and the notebook is 3 crayons long. This is a non-standard unit of measuring length.

Use your pencil to measure the length of your desk and the teacher’s table

a) The length of the desk is 15 pencils long

b) The length of the teacher’s table is 10 pencils long

c) The length of the blackboard is 20 pencils long.

d) The height of the desk is 10 pencils long.

Above all the measurement based on a pencil cannot be a standard procedure for measuring for any article or goods. So, we suppose to set a standard measurement procedure, and that is scale. The picture of wooden scale is given below -

We can measure and compare weights using a balance. The pan with the heavier weight goes down. When the weights are the same, the two pans balance.