Measurement of capacity –

We measure the capacity of liquids. We had earlier used cups and glasses to measures capacity. But, if the glasses used by two people are off different sizes, the measurements of capacity will also be different. To measure capacity correctly, we use fixed standard measures like millilitres and liters.

Millilitres –

Smaller capacities are measured in millilitres and is indicated by (ml)

There are some examples are given below –

1) 10 drops of water are about 2 ml.

2) A teaspoon of honey is about 5 ml.

Liters –

Bigger or larger capacities are measured in liters and indicated by (L)

1 liter = 1000 millilitres

There are some examples are given below for your better understanding –

1) A packet of milk is 1 L

2) A bucket of water is about 8 L

3) 5 cups of tea are about 1 L