DIVISION  Division is repeated subtraction of same number from big number through simple way with investment of minimum time. Sign of division is ‘÷’    

Division mean equal sharing or grouping between same or different group.

The number which is to be divided is calledDIVIDEND

The number which divides the ‘Dividend’ is called ‘DIVISOR

The answer of Division is called ‘QUOTIENT’  






        -------------  =   QUOTIENT


Example. 1- Suppose there is a number which we have to subtract 5 times and the number is 2, this number 2 will be repeatedly subtract from 12.

So, we have subtracted 2 from 12 by 6 times.

 but instead of repeated subtraction of 2 for 6 times we can use short method and that is = 12 ÷ 2 = 6   (Answer).

Example.2 – Suppose a person for a special occasion he bought a big cake and cut into 20 pieces, his invited guest was 5 no.s, now the question is each of his guest how many pieces of cake can get?

In repeated subtraction we can say each of his guest can get no.s of cake pieces,

Please notice, how many times 5 have been subtracted from 20, and the answer is 4. So we can say each of his guest can get 4 pieces of cake.

But we can give the answer in simple way with investment of less time, i.e each of his guest can get no.s pieces of cake is = 20 ÷ 5 = 4 no.s cake pieces

Instead of subtraction 5 four times, we can write 20 ÷ 5 = 4.  (Ans.)