Day & Night -


Day time is when there is sun-light and we play, study, and eat. The sun shines in the day and we all do our necessary work on that entire day such as school, office, and banking, etc.

Night -

Night time is when it is dark and we go to sleep. The moon and stars shine at night.

Whole day is divided into two format, Day & Night and entire whole day is consist of various moment and in these various moment we suppose to do various activity as per need and necessity.

Morning -  We wake up in the morning

In the morning we goes to school everyday.

Noon We have lunch at noon

Afternoon We do our home work in the afternoon.

We also play indoors and outdoor game in the afternoon.

Evening In the evening sun sets and we do our home work and other important work in the evening. 

In the evening we do our dinner.

Night We go to bed at night